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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick little video

Btw Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


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  2. ...er, not sure who 'Anonymous' is, but...usually, there's your sign that it's not a regular follower...

    Anyway...dang it, I can't get the video to play...which kinda lines up with the fact that My 'Divorcee' videos I added to my future post do not play, either! So, something in Blogger must be squirrely...

    Well, maybe tomorrow it will work...sometimes these things just have to...work out, as it were...

    Hope you and yours had an incredible 4th, Arianna!



    1. I know, but at least it wasn't anything bad. I'm just going to ignore the link since I have no use for that...

      Hmm, that's strange, the video works fine for me. There's not too much in the video. But if you want to see it and it still doesn't work, go to youtube and type in Magnificent Doll premiere and it should show up.

      Hope you and your family had an awesome 4th of July!