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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ginger pictures 4

BTW my Birthday cake was epic! I had a pic of Ginger on it, but once when I saw the cake I was so shocked how awesome it came out! Unfortunately we had to eat it and now there's nothing left of the cake except for two small pieces. But here's a pic of it anyways!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gingerfan11 is back in business!!!! :D

Well, sorry I haven't been on for AGES! The computer had caught a virus, and then I had to use my mom's IPhone, but that was very hard. So now I am using a laptop! Sorry I'm saying this very late, but hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. For Christmas I got lots of goodies, and most were GR ones. Although I think my most prized present is the huge Barbie doll of her. IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!! Nice collectible too. And the other things are a Films of Ginger Rogers book which has TONS of pics I've never seen before, the Ginger Rogers and the Riddle of the Scarlett Cloak. The original 1942 book that was written by her mother. I read that thing in one day, it kept you on the edge of your seat cause of all the suspense. And of course GR is the main character. Then I got little postcards and that kind of stuff of Gingery things. My mom gave me really pretty vintage earrings, and purses. I love them a lot, the earrings are pink and really cute!!! And that is mainly it.

Also New Years was fun!!! Hopefully 2010 goes smooth. And btw, I heard(from Jwalker) that GR is the star of the month in March!!! I think it's so cool. Even though I've seen all those films, I'd love to watch them. And I can get Professional Sweetheart back on the dvr BECAUSE my MOM had to DELETE it! It was an accident, but she is glad that it is back on now and says she doesn't feel guilty anymore.

Another thing. Have any of you heard of that Broadway play "Backwards and in High Heels"? It was a play back in 2007 that was about Ginger's whole life. Well, now they have it again...only one problem is.....it's only going to be shown in L.A.. ANNOYING!!!!! : ( Hopefully someday I can see it though..........)

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. But soon I am going to audition for a musical at my school. It's called "Into the Woods". And I'm so nervous. Auditions will be going on Feb.8th and 9th. The song I will sing for auditions is Let Yourself Go. You know, from Follow the Fleet. Ya, but it's just so nerve wrecking!!! I signed up for Feb. 8th at 3:05. Up there with the first few people.... So hopefully I'll get the part I want the most!!!! BTW my birthday is coming up. On Jan. 27th. Can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!