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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ginger Rogers collection # 6

Well when was the last time I have posted a Ginger memorabilia post? 11-17-12-Ouch.... Ya I have been procrastinating on this next post. I had originally planned it to be my other Ginger magazines, but then I had a different idea. I have decided this part in the collection will be the Ginger gifts I got for Christmas and my birthday combined. I did get other presents, but this is a Ginger Rogers collection, so only gingery things here. BTW I forgot to include an item in my previous parts, so I'm putting it in here.

This is an old scrapbook featuring Ginger Rogers. It has old ads and pics inside, but I mainly got it for the cover! Also the back has the same picture.

This calendar was the one item I was talking about that I forgot to include previously. I actually got it back in Christmas 2011, and I had it up on my bedroom wall the whole 2012 year. I was really sad when 2013 came along cause now I can't use it anymore. :/

Magazine featuring her on the cover. I have looked inside and no article. The only thing gingery on the inside was an ad for The Barkley's of Broadway.

This little box can have different uses. I use it to hold cards like my school I.D., etc. I find it very useful! :)

I actually FINALLY got this yesterday. Posted it on Ginger's Corner twitter too. It's so pretty, and as of right now I'm wearing it! :D I also like how it looks old too. The necklace was from etsy, but I don't know if the seller will restock this or not.

And this here is a big article taken from an old magazine. I love the pics in it and the info! 

Another gift I got was a pic from a scene in Once Upon A Honeymoon, but that had issues with uploading and all that. 
So hope you enjoyed this part! I will make sure and keep my word and make part 7 the magazines. Then eventually the books, and maybe the movies? I know I'm keeping one item till the very end though! ;)
If you just saw this, here are links to the other parts:

Until next time, KEEP IT GINGERY!!! :D


  1. Hi Gingerfan11,

    Great items! Love the calendar!
    And thank you for sharing that article. It has some very nice Ginger pics I've never seen before!
    I'll be sure to read it too!

    Take care,
    Molly xx

    1. Thanks!

      And yes the article is great, and the pics are too. I had seen most before, but there was a few I was like woah, never seen that. Enjoy reading it-if you can. I noticed some of the pics are a bit blurry, unless if you can fix that yourself. But besides that it is great!

      Have a great evening Molly. :D

  2. Awesome stuff! The article is great. You can still use the calendar. Years repeat every so often, so you can pull it out again in 7 or so years, or just look at it as a wall hanging :)

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah I guess you're right, I can still use it. :) I really hope towards the end of this year, the seller on ebay sells these again. Then I can get a 2014 one!


  3. sweet! I dig the very first thing - a notebook with Ginger! it's interesting how many different things had her image on them... but overall, she was not geared towards 'kids' as far as her target demographic... so something like that, which is at least for 'teens', I would surmise, is pretty awesome!

    and I've NEVER seen the book before...if ya don't mind, what year did that come out? guess it had to be after 'Swing Time' at the earliest... late 30's, maybe? And a cool pic of the Cooper Street house in Ft. Worth!

    ...thanks for the Gingery goodness, GF!!!


    1. Yes the notebook/scrapbook is very neat!

      I think the article must have been between 1936-1937. I'm just guessing with the pics and what they're talking about. I like it very much.Oh yes the pic of the Cooper Street house is awesome, what's even more awesome was I was in that area before! :D

      Have a great evening and KIG

  4. Ah love the calender, i did something similar for 2012 also with fred and Ginger intertwined with personal photos from the trip i took for Ginger's Centenary :) I did think of doing another for 2013 but never got round to it.. maybe next year :) the article looks fab, i just realised i'm not entirely sure i'd seen a photo of Jack Culpepper before now!

    1. That's neat. I wish I knew how to make my own calendars. Then I could have my own gingery calendar every year lol!

      Ya I had NEVER seen a pic of Jack Culpepper till the article. I've always wondered what he had looked like, well now I know.

      Hope everything is going great for you! :D