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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lady In The Dark book

So there was a book for Lady In The Dark I saw on Ebay a few months ago. Well, all fans of Ginger know, that this film was not her best. Really the greatest thing from the film is the Saga of Jenny routine(BTW that dress she wears in that is AWESOME!). What's interesting is they had a book, and used pics and such from the film.

If you look at the fifth pic, the text kinda looks like a script.
This item would be an interesting piece to own. I wonder if there are any pics inside that we haven't seen before either....


  1. Hey Gingerfan11,

    I actually own a copy of that book. The irony of it is that I bought it long before I became a Ginger fan.

    Back than, I was a fan of the Great Moss Hart - the author and director of the Broadway version of "Lady In The Dark". A couple of years before it was adapted for the screen, "Lady In The Dark" was a very succesful musical starring Gertrude Laurence - one of the most succesful actrice on Broadway at the time.

    Moss Hart was a great playwrite and director who actually won a Pulitzer price for his play "You Can't Take It With You".

    After the musical was adapted into a movie in 1944 and a second edition of the play was re-published using stills from Ginger's movie as visual aids.

    That's the book you saw on eBay. It's a good story, but a bit dated and kind of sexist toward women if you ask me.

    But to answer your question, the only pictures in the books are the one shown in your post!

    Sorry, I guess that turned out to be a very long explanation... I'm gonna go back to by blog now! :)

    But one more thing, if you like the "Saga of Jenny", I suggest you look the "Julie Andrews" version on YouTube. As much as I like Ginger, Julie's version is also breathtaking!


    1. Nah that's fine, you can explain what you want no matter how long it would have to be!
      Ya I can understand the reasons it seems a bit outdated.
      Really those are the only ones? I thought there would've been more. But it would be interesting to own just for collection.

      Oh yes I've seen Julie Andrew's version and it is great!

      Have a great evening Molly. :)

  2. ...great...now here's something ELSE I have to beg, borrow, and steal for... :)

    ...haven't seen this one - cool! I have a copy of Kitty Foyle with Ginger on it, but I think you do too, right?

    Oh, as for the Julie Andrews version of 'Jenny', it's on the post which Katie did for Gingerology a few months back, which draws quite a few 'parallels' between Ginger and Julie... ...which gets me to thinking, when are we gonna get another 'guest blogger' or two? (yeah, I'm looking at Arianna AND Molly!) :-)

    KIG, y'all!

    1. Yup I have the Kitty Foyle copy with Ginger in it. It was in one of my Ginger Rogers memorabilia posts.
      I do remember that post. Julie Andrew's version is great I've seen before. :)
      I would volunteer to be a guest blogger lol, but I wouldn't know exactly what to talk about....

      Have a great evening

  3. Cool! It would be interesting to read the play to see where the movie was different. I agree with Molly about the story being sexist and I think that was why, one of the reasons, the movie didn't do well even in 1944.

    Nice find for you.

    1. Yes it would be neat to see the differences between the play and film.
      I think it would've been a neat addition at least.

      KIG!!! :D