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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ginger Rogers collection # 1!!!

For my Ginger Rogers collection, I will only show anything gingery that I have. I own tons of classic hollywood memorabilia, but you know, this is a all Ginger Rogers blog, soooooooooo only Ginga shows up! 

First off we'll start off with her autobiography:

Yes the paperback on the left is messed up, but I treasure the original copy on the right more. And only for this reason:

What was that!? Let's get a closer look:

Yup, my friends, that is an autograph! I am very proud to own something that Ginger has actually signed. I do have a picture with her and Fred's signature, but that is a copy....... so sadly it's not real. 

Now this next item is when Ginger was Star of the Month for TCM in March 2010:

And finally here is the article of Ginger right when you open it:

 I own more and can't wait to share the collection. Hope anyone looking at this thought it was neat.
Until next time, KEEP IT GINGERY! :D


  1. Can't wait to see what else you've got! So jealous of the autograph...:)

  2. ...now, I'd LUV the magazine...was wanting to get a copy of that when it all happened, but didn't know how to...they may have a bit on her in the August issue, as the 12th is looking like her night.

    And awesome about the signed copy! I have one thing which appears to be signed by her...it's the 'program'-type thingie she made back in the late 60's, almost as a 'promotional' deal...hard to explain, but, a bunch of photos, and it just kinda 'overviews' her career...it has what looks like her sig on it, and I've seen others w/o a sig, so... but could just as well be a 'forged' deal (it wasn't noted as having an autograph on it when I bought it...)
    But, this is a good idea...now that I've FINALLY gotten the Divorcee review out (whew) - I might can sort out things of mine... there's a LOT of it! Well, YOU know how it is... :-]

    KIG, Arianna!!!


  3. Catarinah: Thanks! I do have a lot more, and even one of my items is really rare, and I can't wait to get to that one. :)

    VKM: I bought the magazine on ebay. Thankfully it wasn't too much. I remember I couldn't get it because you had to subscribe to TCM. I didn't want to do that, but I saw one on ebay for a decent price. And now I have it.
    That's pretty cool. Well hopefully that is a real autograph, than you know you have something special.
    Have a great day!

    1. ...I've thought about trying a few of the 'certified' autographs... but just a bit outside the $$$ range... I've stayed away from eBay for about 6 months now...a record of sorts for me... I'll probably check it out around the holidays...

      BTW, it looks like a trip to Boston is VERY likely now for the Huey Crew... I'll post on G-ology, probably tomorrow (I'm about to knock out for the eve...)

      Until then,
      KIG, GF!

    2. LUCKY!!! Hopefully you will go, I'm sure it would be neat.

  4. That's really cool Gingerfan11. Can't wait to see the rest!


  5. I just acquired a Ginger Roger Cow Boy Horse painting (30 x 24). Anyone have any information on this?