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We're in the Money

Such a catchy gingery tune! :D

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today is Ginger's centennial, and as a proud ginger fan I am going to celebrate it. I'll be wearing my Ginger Rogers t-shirt, and the usual thing which is wear pink, eat ice cream, and have a Ginger film festival!!! :D

On my youtube page, I didn't make any video, so I'll post my favorite videos including a birthday one I did two years ago. As for photos, I only found a few to get before today. :/


This picture above is one of my favorites. Instead of fake coloring from Photoshop, this time it's REAL color from 1939.

*This is the Birthday video I made

Some of my favorite videos.

One of my all time favorite dances with her and Fred. I also wish I could have the black silk dress.......

Weird number, especially with the eggs as the audience. But I do say, the song is quite catchy!

This song I believe goes perfectly with the scenes. :)

Another favorite of mine. The video does show the comedy talent of Ginger.

And finally, this video was made by Anna. I think it's awesome!

Once again, Happy Birthday Ginger!!!