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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A few things....

I am so sorry that I've neglected this blog. That last post I did was back on Ginger's birthday. But I have been keeping up with Ginger's Corner Facebook and Twitter everyday. 
Anyways, I'd like to share some things!
First off for Ginger's Corner Facebook we have a contest going on. Here is what it is about: Basically I've had Ginger Rogers cakes for the past few years, but for my 18th bday I wanted to change it up. I know it's all the way in January, but I really wanted to do it. You MUST have a Facebook account to do this. But I wanted to pick a photo from my followers. And how it works is you can either post the pic you want or like someone else's. Now whichever one has the most likes is the winner.
Here are all my Ginger cakes from the past

I'd like to share these 3 pics that I've found. They are all in color. Now whether they were colorized or were originally taken in color is not known. Either way, this pics are still fantastic. I love the Gilcrest one with her ice cream/soda bar!

Now I found this neat. It's supposed to be a replica of the ring she wears in the picture!

And finally, I know some have seen this already from Facebook and Twitter. But some of you don't have that, so I'd like to share this. It's a sketch of a cartoon Ginger I did and I captioned it, "Ginger Rogers ain't dealin' with you shenanigans!"

I've actually gotten some great comments on this from so many people. It kind of makes me want to draw more of this cartoon looking Ginger and possibly small comics(although I don't know how that would go).
And also this other drawing I did before the cartoon sketch. I don't like it too much, but other people said they loved it. So I'll just share it anyways. 

Well that's all for now. KEEP IT GINGERY everyone!!! 


  1. greatness! Hope you checked out the pics over on FB... you know, there just aren't that MANY GingerPics 'in profile'... but hope you get one that YOU dig!

    And thanks for the killer pics of 'day in the life' of Ginger, in color! And in some films, too, of course... it's funny, I always had that 'domestic goddess' dress in TD&H tagged as pink... but blue is good, too! :-) And, I guess I should know this, but, which movie did she wear the uber-ring in? Was it WATW?

    And finally, I dig the GingerToon concept... I've thought about it a bit, tried to even 'doodle' her and Fred here and there, but I would NEV-AHHH be able to settle on her 'look'...although I thought I could kinda 'simplify' it, if that's even possible with her... it would be cool, and YOU are quite advanced at this point with drawing...mine would be like stick figures in comparison...

    ...and I've asked you this at least a few times I know, but... have you started school yet? Our daughter starts up tomorrow, and Bam-Bam begins on Thursday (K-3)... so big doings here in South Gingerville!!!

    KIG, Arianna!!! I'll send out the PS DVD tomorrow!


    1. Yes, I have seen all the pics everyone has posted. I love every single one, and can't wait to see the winner! Although, the only annoying this is I have to wait all the way till January. But I really wanted to do it.

      I love these 3 pics in color! The seller never mentioned them being colorized, so I think they might be originally in color. Either way, it's still really neat, and they're very crisp and clear. Uhhh, I'm not sure myself. Maybe she wears one in WATW. But maybe they just took the ring and added it to the photo.

      Yeah I really want to do the comic idea. I posted about it on my Tumblr, and there were people saying yes. So I feel like I need to do it(but I want to anyways), it's just I'm not that good with coming up with wise-cracks or anything like that. I could just take stuff from films, but it wouldn't be original. So I guess I'll have to think a little bit there. But I'm going to do it though. Do you have any suggestions?
      I wouldn't mind seeing you do something like that. Like I said before, it would be really neat! And I'm sure they're not stick figures compared to my artwork. You used to draw little things, so it wouldn't look that bad!

      I start school in a week, so August 26th. Ugh not looking forward to it....

      And thank you so much for the Professional Sweetheart DVD!!! :D

  2. ...I would guess those are original color pics, since they are 'candid' shots, thus probably not as likely that someone would colorize them...
    ...as for the ring, if the GingerPic is any indication, that looks like the 'Vivacious Lady' period - but I'm pretty sure she didn't have anything like that on in that film... WATW sounds more like it... in fact, I think

    ...I'll kick around the 'comic' deal...I'm not TOO bad at coming up with stuff... but it would be Ginger and Fred as a 'team'...actually, Fred probably would be kind of easy to draw... time is the only issue...speaking of which, it's bedtime here in South Gingerville!!!

    KIG, AB!!!


  3. Nice post, Arianna!
    Love the color picture of Ginger! They look so real, I'd doubt very much they were colorizedd!
    Love the ring!! Very 30's!

    Have a nice first week at school!