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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers!

I would like to say Happy 102nd Birthday to our wonderful gal Ginger! She's made amazing movies back in her career(and of course we all know that!). And there's been so much discussion on many other things she did. And I say, she is one talented lady! I'd like to share some of my favorite things, and I have so much, but I need to cut it down a bit.

First, someone I'm really close to on Tumblr made this AWESOME thing.
It's a neat gifset of Ginger, with her different expressions. I love it so much!!!

Here are some of my favorite pics. And I said SOME. You know how hard this is???

These two pieces of art that I've done of Ginger are my all time favorite!

And I actually did this as a present. I gave it to Huey who runs Gingerology as a bday gift.

And I'm getting ready for my movie marathon. My first one is In Person. I haven't seen that one in awhile, so I'm gonna watch it first! To get started, I'll post one of my favorite routines. Out of Sight, Out of Mind is from the film In Person.

Well, that's it! I know there's SO MUCH I could go on about, but I'm sure you would not wanna be here all day. :P So what are you going to do? I'll most likely parade around the neighborhood about Ginger, then have a festival with movies and songs. Just kidding! Lol, I'm not going full on out there. I'll most likely fill in a mini movie marathon. Probably listen to a few songs here and there. Just be gingery! Although I need to buy some darn ice cream still...........
KIG!!! And have a gingertastic day!


  1. That gifset is really cool! I hope you had a Gingery day. Nice pics too. I think that was the theme of this Ginger Rogers birthday celebration day. Keep enjoying your summer vay-kay


    1. I have noticed that pics have been the theme this time around. But still, that's fine!

      Hope you had a great gingery day!

  2. Hey Arianna, what a nice tribute to Ginger on this gingery day!
    This tumblr is just amazing!!! I love it!! What a go job that is!

    Have a KiG day! Peachy

    1. Yes, her Tumblr is fantastic. We talk like everyday practically lol. I'm assuming you checked it out more. When she posts things, they're magnificent!

      Hope you had such a fine and gingery day Molly!