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Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is very interesting!!!!

Hi everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!(I know I did!)

I have about three things to point out to you though:(And #3 is the best!)

1. First of all, what is going on with the official GR website??? Nothing has been updated since 12-18-08 about the paperdoll book. I mean, they do have the showtimes updated, but what about everything else!? That website has become so boring now, and for it being "official", why aren't there any "super rare" photos??? They're all photos from GR's book practically.....But you know whatever................

2. Second of all, I've decided to join the club on Hat Check Girl. Seriously that film MUST BE SHOWN!!! I can't believe that TCM hasn't shown it to the die hard fans of GR. So I went ahead and put a comment on the film begging them to play it. Hopefully they will show it someday for us.

3. And last but not least, something very interesting. Today I was searching on google some GR stuff, and came across this:http://sps.k12.mo.us/mann/Photo%20Gallery/Famous%20Missourians/Famous_Missourians.htm.

I think it's very interesting. In Missouri, some school had fourth graders do a awesome project. It was where the kids had to research famous Missourians, and design a poster with pics and saying 3 reasons why they should be voted in The Hall of Fame. And you know what? One girl had chosen.....GINGER ROGERS. When you check out the page, it's the last group under Mrs. Grant's fourth grade class on the left. The girl has blonde hair all curled like GR with a pic of the poster and some items, and movie boxes. When I saw this, I was thinking how lucky they were! I wish the schools could do something like that here.................

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sorry for not being around lately!!! Although I do have something to share with you all!

Last night I was really bored and didn't know what to do. Then I felt like drawing something. I went downstairs to the computer and drew a picture of Ginger Rogers. I am a really good at drawing, and so I try to draw real people. Before it used to be drawing cartoon people, but now I want to draw real people. Ever since I went into art class this year, I know how to draw real things, because before I never wanted to try it, but I like drawing like that now!!!

So once when I was done, I was like, OMG!!!! It was the best Ginger Rogers drawing I've ever done!!! It looked almost exactly like her!!! I was so excited!!! After that I showed everyone my picture. Then I posted it on Facebook and Myspace. I was really happy, and I finally actually did teeth good!!!

My drawing:

Original Picture:

I think they look almost identical. What do you think???