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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sorry for not being around lately!!! Although I do have something to share with you all!

Last night I was really bored and didn't know what to do. Then I felt like drawing something. I went downstairs to the computer and drew a picture of Ginger Rogers. I am a really good at drawing, and so I try to draw real people. Before it used to be drawing cartoon people, but now I want to draw real people. Ever since I went into art class this year, I know how to draw real things, because before I never wanted to try it, but I like drawing like that now!!!

So once when I was done, I was like, OMG!!!! It was the best Ginger Rogers drawing I've ever done!!! It looked almost exactly like her!!! I was so excited!!! After that I showed everyone my picture. Then I posted it on Facebook and Myspace. I was really happy, and I finally actually did teeth good!!!

My drawing:

Original Picture:

I think they look almost identical. What do you think???


  1. awesome awesome swesome!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Perfect!!!!!

  2. That's so good! I love it :-)

  3. That is just KILLER, GF11!!!!
    Perfect eyes, which are so hard to draw... and especially Ginger's perfect ones! You captured them VERY well...keep up the great work, and POST more stuff you draw!!! GREAT!

    PS - I didn't know SCD was your mom...hope that is ok to mention that...I just know that you have a VERY cool mom!!! - but you probably already know that :-)


  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments!!! I'm still proud of this picture! :D

    Jwalker:Ya, before it would always be hard for me to draw realistic things, so I just drew cartoon stuff. But when I took art class at school this year, I've learned tricks on how to do that stuff!!

    Yes SCD is my mom, she posted the picture too. I do have a awesome mom, and she is the best!!!

  5. Well, if you can draw Ginger, to me that is REALLY doing something...back on the 'best movie poster' poll on G-ology, it was brought up about how many Ginger movies had posters with drawings of her that just did NOT look like her...she is tough to draw!
    And great to know you and your mom get along so well - nothing in life is more important and valuable than a great relationship with your folks!
    Keep those drawings coming! Jwalker

  6. Hey nice job! I'm working on a drawing of Ginger now too... I've been slacking a little, but I'm going to try and finish it over winter break. I have such the hardest time drawing things accurately. If I were talented at drawing I would have wanted to be an illustrator. It's still fun though.