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Friday, August 10, 2012

Ginger Rogers collection # 3!!!

Okay, so today we have Ginger Rogers collection # 3!!! This time we have collectible type of items.
First up we have two boxes of CDs that have Ginger's radio appearances:
Here's the back of them:

I've listened to some and I do say it's really interesting! :)
Next we have these two books:
I've read both, and they are both good. Although, Kitty Foyle at some parts were kinda awkward, I still read it. If you've seen the Ginger film or read her autobiography, you know the whole story. She won an Academy Award for best actress as the role. The book on the right is an awesome book. It's has Ginger as the main character and she tries to figure out a mystery with the cloak. Even though it's a chapter book, there are some neat illustrations on some pages. The interesting thing about the book is this:
It was written by her mother! I thought that was pretty neat. :)

This next piece I actually never used cause I don't dance, but I saw it at the book store, and had to get it:
It has instruction booklet inside with pictures of Ginger and Fred, CD, and attachments to put I guess on your tap shoes. 
Here's the next item:
This is a magnet of the film. I bought it at an antique store a few years ago.

These are figures from 1984(I think). They come from avon. I thought they were really neat, but the only sad thing is Fred's cane is broken. You can kinda tell in the pic because it bends slightly.

I really love the next one:
I think these plates were made in the 1970s. All the other info on it is in the pic above.
The next collectible is a pretty awesome addition:
I got this doll as a Christmas gift three years ago. It's so awesome! Unfortunately I don't have the Fred doll because they are really, and I mean REALLY expensive. Was lucky enough to even get this.

The last item I think is one of my MOST prized:

This item I think is one of my favorite, and as I said earlier, MOST prized! I don't know how many of these are left, but I think they are rare and hard to find. It's just neat to have something that's from the ranch. 

Hope part 3 was interesting. My next post is going to be about records. It will be shorter than this one since I don't have too many records of Ginger. 
If you just saw this, here are links to the other parts:

Until next time, KEEP IT GINGERY!!! :D


  1. TCM is honoring Ginger with a day of movies on August 12, 2012. Keep smiling as you watch Ginger on the little screen.

  2. Check out my blog at http://www.viviantalksgingerrogers.blogspot.com Love your website. Keep it Gingery!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I cannot wait for tomorrow with all of her films showing, it's going to be awesome!
      In the past I came across your blog and I do say it's very informative! I read lots of the info, and it was very interesting! Glad you had made that blog, and nice to know there is another Ginger fan.
      Have a great day! :D

  3. ...OK, I'm not even gonna bring up the milk bottle... too many harsh feelings of covetousness occur in Huey's heart! :-]

    But, as for the 'radio box set'...I've REALLY wanted to pop on buying that...it appears to be a 'perpetual deal' from whoever makes them... I was worried the quality would be bad, and/or it would not be 100% Ginger... but from what you've described, it's a pretty good deal...so I'm looking for Ho-ho to leave that under the tree this year...

    Also, LOVE the plate... altho, I think the info on the back is limiting the pics on the plate to the 'Barkleys', whereas it appears the lower right part of the plate is depicting 'The Yam' from Carefree, and the upper left part is the 'Let's Call the Whole Thing Off' skate routine from Shall We Dance...or am I over-analyzing things again? :-]

    ...and cool you have the Ginger doll... I'm not sure why 'Barbie' (Mattel?) haven't come out with a Ginger and Fred set of dolls... maybe one day.

    Well, great stuff, GF11! Keep it coming... hey, sounds like I might have you beat on the LPs... I am a pretty big audiophile... and have obtained quite a few Ginger albums and records... we will see...

    In the meantime, KIG, GF11! Have a great vacation!


    1. Hahaha, I knew you would respond about the milk bottle like that! :)
      I haven't listened to all but some and they contain gingery goodness, if you're able to I suggest you do buy them.
      Ya after I got the plate I realized that those two were not from the Barkley's of Broadway, but then yet they emphasize on it. Oh well, it's still amazing artwork.
      I've also wondered too about the whole Barbie thing, why they haven't come out with dolls of them. I have an Audrey Hepburn one and a barbie from the film The Birds, and I know other movie stars have been released by Barbie. But then you think why not Ginger and Fred? It's a mystery. Hopefully someday they will release them. In the meantime, this doll is good and close enough!
      I don't have too many records of Ginger, so you might beat me from what you just said. I'll still post about them since they are still part of the memorabilia.
      Btw, the vacation was awesome, and glad you enjoyed yours!

    2. I have 2 of GR's dairy milk bottles... 2 quart size... and I just managed to find a pint size milk bottle... very, very rare.

  4. You have a great collection! I love Ginger's radio show appearances and have a lot of them. You have one I've never heard...Disc 8 Frontline Theatre (AFRS) "Vivacious Lady". Is there anyway you could put it on You Tube so I could hear it?
    The milk bottle is so very cool. I'm glad it is in good hands.

    1. Well I haven't signed onto my actual youtube account for about a year ago, but that was just to say something. I haven't posted a video or done anything like that in 3 years. I could try to do it. I'm not sure if I could be able to transfer that radio onto here and into Windows Movie Maker. It's been so long since I've logged on I would also have to fix things. I hope I can figure it out and post it on there, here's my youtube channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/theclassyginger?feature=results_main.
      But glad you like my collection! And yes I have my milk bottle in a very safe location. :)

    2. Actually, I'm already a subscriber to your You Tube page :) I have several songs you posted in a playlist that I listen to all day long at work. It keeps me going when the days get long! Your channel is still there and the last activity date is JULY 16, 2011. I can guess what your comment was about :)
      I'd love to hear the Vivacious Lady version you have if you can get it out. There is another version with Fred MacMurray on archive.org http://archive.org/details/ScreenGuildTheater It is number 51. Imperfect Lady is number 24, Lucky Partners is 81, Skylark is 158, and Bachelor Mother is 296; all from the Screen Guild Theater. It is a nice collection and all in the public domain. You can download them off the site too. KIG!

  5. Glad you love the music in my videos! :) Ya I remember when the channels looked better and now my channel is a bit ugly now.... :/ I have to go in and touch up on things. Hahaha, you guessed it! I only went on there to type that out, but other than that I'll probably be so slow at trying to upload a video since I haven't done that in awhile.
    Thanks for sharing link, I'll have to look into it later. Is it safe to download? My computer is really sensitive when it comes to downloading things.
    Well, when I have time I'll see if I can get the Vivacious recording onto my computer and upload it. Hopefully if I get to the upload point there won't be any copyright issues.....
    KIG to you too!

  6. Hi Everybody,

    Great collection Gingerfan11!
    Where ever did you find those cd sets?
    Did you make them yourself?

    KIG & GUp - Molly.

    1. The CD sets were bought off of ebay. I got them as a Christmas present, so don't know the price of what they were. I haven't seen them on ebay since then, but if you ever want them hopefully they're somewhere on there. :)
      Hope the rest of your day is great.
      And also KIG and GUP too!

  7. Thanks! If you ever what to trade copies of those in, you're welcome at the Trade Corner anytime! :)
    And have a good day too! Mine will be very gingery indeed! My city is struck by a heatwave so I decided to move-in into the pool permanantly. :) So I have hooked up the dvd player to the projector outside. And as soon has night falls, I'm having a Ginger marathon "Drive-in" style. Or I should "Pool-in" style!! lol

    Take care, Molly.

    1. How do you trade copies of them??? I know Erosenplatt a few comments above this one was asking about one of the recordings on there. I said if I could I would post it one my youtube channel, but I don't know what format the recording is and I completely forgot how to transfer sound files into Windows Movie Maker. It's been 3 years since I've made a video, and I hardly log on. Last time was last year. So maybe it might be easier to put it in the trade corner, but I don't know how to do it.
      Aw lucky! You have a pool in your backyard! Our two-story house doesn't even have a pool. Usually I'm jealous of my friends cause they do. It's funny cause I don't know how to swim, but I love pools. Nice to cool off sometimes. Yes, you so should have a Ginger marathon in a "Pool-in" style! :D
      Have Fun!