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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ginger Rogers places in Dallas and Fort Worth

Got back from a vacation 3 days ago from Dallas and Fort Worth. Went to go see some pretty neat places and even went to Oklahoma City. But what was really neat was going to the places that Ginger had been to in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. All pictures in this post are ©WinonaGomez Please do not take without permission. Thank you.

Here on 1510 Cooper Street(That address doesn't exist anymore, but it was on this street still) in Fort Worth is where her house would of been:

Sadly the house is no longer around. It was probably demolished somewhere after 2005 because there were reports of it still there by then. I've seen a photo of it from that year somewhere on Google, but I forgot what I  had searched, so couldn't find the pic. Even though now the street looks different and the house is gone, it's still amazing to know that at one time Ginger had walked on this street. : )

In downtown Fort Worth you have the Texas Hotel. Ginger came here so at the theater she could perform for the Charleston contest:

You can tell that how the building looks, it still hasn't changed. It's been through a few names, first the Texas Hotel, then The Radisson, and now it's a Hilton. I got to walk by the entrance, but thought it was so neat that Ginger also had walked into the entrance.

This here a few blocks down was a plaque that mentioned Ginger:

Now over at Dallas we have two buildings. First is where The Baker Hotel once stood. After winning in Fort Worth, Ginger came over to Dallas and it was at The Baker Hotel she won as the Texas state champion of the Charleston contest. Sadly, the building was torn down in 1981 I believe, and now it's a different building:
There are not many great pics of this building. I think it's called One Bell Plaza, not too sure. It was nice to know that The Baker Hotel once stood here, and it was there that started Ginger into her career.
This is an old postcard of it:

Now we have my favorite building, The Adolphus. It is an hotel that Ginger stayed at in 1936 when she was invited to the Texas Centennial Celebration. It's such a beautiful building and still looks the same as it did then! 

It was so awesome to see that building in person. It was really neat to walk inside the lobby knowing that Ginger had walked into the lobby too! :D
Here's an old postcard of it:
The Adolphus is the one on the right. What's interesting is I had found an old post card while shopping, and it had The Adolphus and The Baker Hotel diagonal to each other. Which is true because when you go there, the One Bell Plaza where the Baker Hotel was is right next to The Adolphus. : )

I had a great time in Dallas and Fort Worth. I had found some Gingery things while antique shopping there, and I might share those sometime. I also went to see some great places. The JFK museum in Dallas was awesome, got to go to a Flight museum and go tour inside a B-29. In Oklahoma City I got to go to the 45th Infantry Division museum, and the Oklahoma City Memorial for that bombing in 95 there, which was sad. I also got to see some famous graves including Bonnie and Clyde's graves. 

But going to the Gingery places was really awesome for me since I'm a Ginger Rogers fan. Knowing that her presence in those areas is just really exciting! Now I just need to go to New York, Missouri, Oregon, and California. ; )