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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ginger Rogers collection # 2!!!

Well finally here is more of the collection, this time we're going into the apparel and accessories. :)

I really love these t-shirts, the one on the left is my favorite:

The one on the right I got LONG time ago, too small now so I don't wear it:

Now we go on to accessories, I don't have much, but I'll still show them:

The item here used to be part of a necklace. It looked really neat, and I wore it sometimes. But it did not stay, and it fell off. :(   This is really not a great pic, but with flash it reflected badly, so just gonna have to see a blurry pic......

These buttons are pretty cool, I sometimes wear them, in fact I wore one on Ginger's bday last week.

And now we have these AMAZING earrings:
I wore the ones on the left on Ginger's bday last week too. The earrings on the right are really nice. I know a LONG time ago when Myspace was popular, I was friends with a Ginger fan(We were REALLY close!) and showed them these earrings. They loved them and decided to buy them. I do say they are nice to have. :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at these, and if you're reading this now and missed the first part of the collection go to here:http://theclassyginger.blogspot.com/2012/07/ginger-rogers-collection-1.html 
Next time I might do collectibles(Which would be CDs, dolls, magnets, those kinds of things) and there are actually a few items I'm really excited to post about.

Until next time, KEEP IT GINGERY! :D  


  1. Nice!!! Love the 'poster collage' shirt...altho, I'd probably dig a 'poster' of that one instead... and of course I'm not a big 'earring wearer'... but it is really great there are Gingery accessories to be had out there!

    one of these days I'm going to create a Ginger bumper sticker...probably like the 'white oval' type, with just 'VKM' in black type...the only issue about that is, at one time, there were a 'team' of wrestlers out there called 'Voodoo Kin Mafia'...unfortunately abbreviating to VKM...but I think they are a thing of the past...whereas OUR VKM is a perpetual entity, right?

    Keep the awesome Gingerbilia collection going, GF! I'll try to get something started up like this as well...a great idea!!!



  2. The bumper sticker would be really awesome to have, but the only problem would be that mafia group. How long ago were they around? I'm sure if it was a long time ago you could do it.
    Oh and the next post about my Ginger collection, I'm really excited to post this one item I think I value the most, and it's really hard to find! :)
    Have a great Thursday!

  3. You have an awesome collection! I especially love the shirt on the left :D