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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ginger Pics!


  1. great, as usual!!!

    Love the 'Heartbeat' pics...I have a few of those, but they're 'fuzzy' or whatever...these are clear and awesome!

    ...and, I assume the one w/Hitler is from 'Once Upon a Honeymoon'...altho I don;t remember a scene with hitler in it...the first shows a 'newsreel', but it's the real deal, right? Well, maybe when he shows up in...er, Vienna, right? and the Baron is 'punked' by Cary on the radio... funny, yet a bit unusual... OUAP is gonna be an interesting review...

    Thanks again for the awesome pics, GF11!!!


  2. Ya the Heartbeat pictures are really crisp, clear, and awesome!
    Yes the pic is from One Upon a Honeymoon. There is a scene where you see him walk by, I think it's in the part you're talking about. I actually really like Once Upon a Honeymoon, it's funny, but in a unusual way at some parts.
    Can't wait for that review, and it would be interesting!
    Have a great day.

  3. As always Gingerfan11, so many Ginger goodies! Love them all!
    Have a good day!
    Molly :)

  4. ...oh yeah, and the one with Ginger playing piano...always pretty awesome sight...LOVE the look on her face... who is the dude? Irv Berlin, maybe? Guess I'm trying to place the time...kinda looks like the 'Honeymoon' dress, but not quite... and the hair is a bit darker...hmmmm.....

    1. To me it doesn't look like Irving Berlin. Not to sure who he is. I know for sure that the pic is from Once Upon a Honeymoon. I recognize the outfit from the beginning(Also when she meets Cary) that she wears.