Wanna Search Something Gingery? Go Ahead!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pose, pose, pose!


  1. That is amazing found Gingerfan11!
    Love them!!

  2. heh heh... great shots! I would LUV ta have that poster in the 'window'... and I reckon I'd probably be kinda goofy acting too if I saw anything Gingery like this out in public...that's why I need to 'pace' myself when in Boston... :-]

    KIG, GF!!!


  3. Haha, ya I would too. Like in Los Angeles they have a wax museum there that has Ginger and Fred. I've seen some pics of people posing right next to them. I would pose like crazy if I was there lol!
    Have a awesome weekend. :)
    Although unfortunately for me I have a cold, and my throat is killing me. So it is not a awesome weekend for me. :/

  4. yow...sorry to hear that...I've had a bit of sinus headache myself today...we've been popping up into the drop ceilings in our lower story of the house, as we had a cable/internet dude come in and totally revamp our stuff...everything is cooking along, tho...

    Drink plenty of stuff and rest up!



    1. Ya, it got really bad on Friday when I had a fever all day with a migraine. It was awful, but now it's just the throat that's bothering me, which is better than having a fever and migraine....
      I will probably make a post about my Ginger memorabilia tomorrow. This next post kinda has a lot of things in it! :)
      Keep It Gingery too!