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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ginger Pics!


  1. OK...where to begin...well, first of all, if you took all the GingerPics out there and laid them end-to-end...there STILL wouldn't be enough for Huey!!! :-]

    ...as for this set, love the 'Queen High' stills - I was messing with that 'FilmBlog' the other night, thinking I needed some more pics... and the two with Joe E. Brown are awesome...Ginger with cheaters on is priceless!!!

    I also dig the one right after the 'Dreamboat' 'stage setup... the one that appears to be from the 60s, her with a mag and talking to some older fellow...of course, someone put the goofy watermark across her face, but...I wish there were more pics of her from this era...she had a bit 'different' look, but just REALLY awesome, IMHO!!! Her hair rocks in that pic...looks like the 'ends' or whatever are darker than the rest of her hair...cool!

    Well, thanks for all of these awesome pics, GF!!! And, I'm posting something pretty dang cool tomorrow for the 'kick-off' of the bodacious "Gingertennial +1 weekend!!!" ;-]



  2. Well as I said before, you can go ahead and take the Ginger pics I found. That's what I share them for! :)
    I like her style in that era, too bad there aren't that many pics from then. It's annoying how on some of the pics there are watermarks on the face, I don't have photoshop, so I gotta deal with it unfortunately. :/

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Guys,
    As always; great pictures GingerFan11. And thank you for sharing!
    The 11th one from the top... anybody knows where that is from.
    There is quite a lot of pictures from that day.
    What's is a tv special or something of that effect?

    BTW, amazing drawings GingerFan11. Keep it up, you're on to something!! :)

  4. Molly: I'm not quite sure where that pic is from, but it looks like it's from a tv special. Quite interesting!
    Thanks about the drawing! Personally that is one of my favorite pictures, and glad it was chosen by VKMfanHuey. I have a few drawings of Ginger, and I might include them in my Ginger Rogers memorabilia collection series sometime.
    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. A great weekend to you too (what is left of it) and you should included your drawing in your Ginger memorabilia! :) Once again, thank you for sharing all those pictures! :)