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Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy 101st Birthday Ginger!!!

As we all know it's Ginger's Birthday today! If she was alive, she would've been 101. First off we'll start off with a favorite video of mine:

I used to have this recorded, but it got erased. At least I can find it on youtube! ;)
And now we have a short batch of Ginger pics to go with this:

Why do they have to put the watermark right across her face!? This would be a neat pic. Oh, when photoshop could be so handy right now....

Well, I'm going to celebrate her birthday by watchin some movies! I know which ones I have in mind, and can't wait. Once again, Happy Birthday Ginger! :D


  1. Happy Birthday Ginger!!! I hear about you so much I feel like we are family haha:-/

    Hope your celebrating up there and dancing like the diva you are!!!

    P.S sorry about the erasing of the recording , you'll get it back sometime:-)

  2. ...great stuff, GF11!!! I LOVE that pic of her in the 60s or so...with an older lady - not sure who that is - but with the hair over her right eye...yow! I LUV Ginger in that era...great to see more pics of her then...

    I've seen the little 'gif' of her signing her name before, but...just noticed something REAL cool...well, to ME, anyway...the way Ginger does her 'g's, like the second 'g' in 'Ginger', is exactly how I do mine! AND, I generally like to 'swoop down' my letters like she is doing with Rogers... ...yeah, yeah, that's kinda 'reaching', but...REALLY, y'all... that's kinda cool...they say you can tell a lot about someone's signature, so... er, maybe Ginger and I kinda share something just a little bit,sorta kinda, in common...perhaps? :-]

    Anyway, glad y'all had a great day... now, get back to hunting down Gingery goodness, like the great stuff above!!!

    KIG, Arianna!!!