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Monday, August 1, 2011

We're in the Money

Such a catchy gingery tune! :D


  1. ...sigh... ya know, I'm just gonna tack this vid on my 'Gold diggers' review and have done with it... The 'pig latin' stanza is so awesome, it defies logic!!!
    And ya know, the costumes they had to wear were pretty dang weird, at best...not to mention 'scant' in coverage... but Ginger just makes it look so easy in that get-up!!! She had no fear!
    ok...I better save something for the review :-]
    thanks for the post, GF!!! hopefully folks can tune in to this and see the greatness of Ginger!!!



  2. The costumes are very weird, having clothes made out of coins, and not a lot of coverage. But besides that, I think We're in the Money is an awesome scene, and one of Ginger's best. It's a shame that they didn't keep the I've got to sing a Torch song.....that would of been cool. At least you can buy it on Amazon!:D