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Monday, December 19, 2011

Return of the Ginger pics!


  1. ...OK, we're even again!!!

    Still more great Ginger pics I haven't seen... The one of her drawing Lela is priceless! Wish I had the sketch! The one with Eleanor Roosevelt is pretty dang cool, also...

    ...Oh, BTW, I took the one of her and Gooberhead Lew... they had to sit out a bit while I was running the skimmer around the pond...

    AND, the one on the left side over here, with her in the yellow top / green skirt (Fith Avenue Girl, right?) is just breathtaking... that's probably a 'colorized' pic, but then again... I'd kill for a large 'original' one of that sequence...

    KIG, Arianna!!!


  2. The colored picture on the left is from Fifth Avenue Girl. If you scroll down to my Happy Birthday post, I have the full picture there.The amazing part of the picture is that it's not colorized by photoshop. It's a real color pic from that time, and it's one of my favorites.
    Haha, I like your comment on the Ginger and Lew pic. :)