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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ginger Rogers collection # 4!!!

This time we have Ginger Rogers records! I think this post will be the shortest out of the series cause I don't have a lot of records. I only have 4 unfortunately, but hey they are Ginger memorabilia items, so might as well add them.

First up we have a record that has 'Flying Down to Rio' music, and 'Carefree' music:

Next we have the same deal with combining two films, but it's 'Swing Time' and 'The Gay Divorcee':

This next one is a different story. It's Ginger staring in Alice In Wonderland. I haven't listened to the record myself since our record player doesn't work anymore, but on youtube they have it online:

Here is the link to hear it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CDhmAKyYD4

Finally we have a record that I think is really awesome:

What's pretty awesome is the song list on here! Some of these you would not normally find on CDs or Itunes. When I heard this it was before the record player stopped working, but it was neat to hear some of these songs! 

Well, see how short this one was? There wasn't much to it, but I just had to include the records in the series. I'm not too sure on what items I'm doing next, but I think the next post will be the Life magazines.
If you just saw this, here are links to the other parts:

Until next time, KEEP IT GINGERY!!! :D


  1. ...don;t have the last one...well, I KINDA do... mine has the picture of Ginger from the 60s on it...a 'golden-tinged' cover... I'm pretty sure I have two copies of it...it has most of these tunes on it...and I think I have the others somewhere else...

    I'm going to add all the info regarding my GingerTunes collection - LPs and sheet music - one of these days on the blog... just wish there was more...

    One big deal from the LP is the FULL version of 'You'll Be Reminded of Me'...I REALLY dig that tune, but of course in the film, Jimmy Stewart is yelling over the whole first chorus...so it's cool to have the 'studio' version of it...

    Thanks for the cool post, GF! Have a great remainder of the weekend!


  2. That's pretty cool you have two copies of that one! It's hard to find them, and I've only found the first two at a bookstore and the other two off of ebay.

    Oh my gosh, I love that song! I kinda hate it when Jimmy is yelling at the beginning cause you can't hear it, but it's cool to have a studio version. In these days with CDs and Itunes, I just wish they could sell more of Ginger's songs like they do on the records. When you come across an album, it's usually music from the Ginger and Fred films, and then a bunch of songs that are Fred's. I think it's kinda annoying, although some sell Ginger's own interpretation of the songs. For example the I Used to be Colorblind song was Fred's and then you have Ginger's version. For some reason my playlist on here won't work....and it won't play that song anymore.
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. ...I also need to 'update' my playlist...honestly, I have NO clue how we set that up (Katie (OGRE) helped me set that up, and as far as I remember, the pink 'box' is all tunes from her computer...although I think I have most of them somewhere or other...)

    Well, finished up the tests Saturday, so should wrap up the RIM review...dang it seems like it has been hanging out there forevah!!!

    Well, have a great week of school, and KIG, of curse!

  4. I have the last record on cassette as well as on record :) i also have the Swingtime/The Gay Divorcee record but not the other two, not seen the first before, but Alice comes up on eBay fairly regularly :)

    The playlist is playing for me am glad to say :)

    1. That's pretty cool you have the last one on cassette. I only have one gingery thing that's cassette and it was her reading her autobiography. It was pretty cool to listen to, but I can't anymore cause the record player we had also played cassette and cds....
      And yes you always seem to find the Alice one on ebay.

      Really? For some reason when I go on my blog it doesn't work. Maybe it's my computer that's stupid, but still I can't hear the songs!