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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ginger Pics!!!


  1. ...OK - a few things... first, do you think that is Ginger's signature on the first pic? It looks a bit...'boiler plate' to me... although the 'R' in Rogers is pretty swoopy like she did...

    Second, the LAST pic...should be the new image on the quarter (TJ has been on it too long, anyway...)...AWESOME 'profile' pic!!!

    And, who's the chick with the pipe and the mirror?

    OK - of course, everything in-between from top to bottom is awesome, as usual!

    Thanks for hunting these down for us, GF!!!

    Hope school is going well for ya1



    1. When I first found the pic I didn't think too much about the signature, but now that you mention it it kinda looks weird. Really the best thing that resembles her own is the R, but one cannot be so sure....

      That last pic is AWESOME!!! Hahaha, instead of redoing the quarter, they should just make a whole new coin with her image on it!!! ;)

      I found that pic you're asking about off from Tumblr. They said on their post that Ginger was teaching "Lloyd Seidman" how to put on stage makeup. So I'm assuming that info is correct. But I don't know who she is, just looked some stuff on google real quick and there's not even a wikipedia.

      No problem on getting the pics! Although lately the pics seem to be down, I've hardly found any new ones! This happens sometimes, hopefully there will be more!! :D
      And school is going fine for me.

      Have a great Tuesday!