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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My artwork

I've decided to post my drawings on here. It's a non gingery post, and I do have some Ginger Rogers drawings, but I'm saving those for a Ginger Rogers collection post later on. These drawings come out from my imagination, and I do say I have a BIG imagination. Some drawings are of videogame characters that I love. And the characters that look like animals and that green dinosaur character come from my Rex series. I've done these drawings over the past couple of years, I'll just start from the first ones to the latest. Most of my pics have a story behind it of what's going on. I love drawing and it's my passion, and I do hope anyone who sees this likes them. :)


  1. Those are really great A!
    There is talent there! Keep it up!
    Funny the blond girl that keeps coming up in your drawing... she reminds me of someone... I wonder who it is? Can't put my finger on it! ;)

    1. Thanks glad you like them Molly!
      The reason why the blond girl looks familiar is because of the hairstyles. Since you know I'm a big fan of Ginger, and I love her hairstyles, so I thought creating a character with Ginger's hairstyles would look cute. Hopefully that helped your confusion.
      Thanks again!! :D

  2. ...animation domination!!!!

    Truly some incredible stuff, GF!!! Yes, you are WELL on your way to being a professional artist... honestly, I'm not incredibly familiar with the animated folks...REX? But, they look pretty awesome to me! Like the one with the fireworks on the pier...and the couple, which is VERY 'Ginger-Freddy'-like...are those actual characters, or are you 'morphing' the two? Either way, very nice work!

    I dig the old car...very nice - like the 'gentle slope' to it, like it's rolling downhill... and the painting at the end is incredible, too! One thing I never got to do much was painting... might one day, but...eh, hard to find time, unfortunately...

    Just saw a Chuck Jones 'mini-bio' on TCM...he pretty much created the bulk of 'Looney Tunes'... if ya don't have the book 'Chuck Amuck'...ya might need it...it's pretty cool... lots of stuff about his life, but also a good bit of insight about his drawing techniques and 'inspirations'... and his 'time-frame' was pretty much exactly like Gingers (born in 1914)... so that's cool in and of itself.
    It's always been a dream of mine to go back in time and watch a GingerFilm WITH Ginger, circa 1940 or so... er, something kinda 'light', like 'Bachelor Mother'... of course within a 'traditional classic theater', and with the 'full slate' of features shown leading up to the 'Feature Presentation'... of course, a Looney Tune would be on the docket for that (something tells me Ginger was a BIG cartoon fan...) how awesome would THAT be??? :-)

    OK - well, keep up the greatness, GF!!! And have a great day off!!!


    1. Thank you so much! Well I intended to make my Rex characters into a videogame. I really, and I mean, REALLY want to make one. I just don't know anyone who knows that computer software type stuff. I could maybe look into that, but then again that probably involves math, and I'm not good at it.....

      Haha glad you dig the couple on the pier. I actually did not think much of Ginger and Fred, but I guess maybe you can say I took clothing and hairstyles. I kinda like that but it was over a year ago....so not my best. Then again it is a nice pic.

      Actually that drawing of the old car was from 3 years ago back in 8th grade. In my art class we had to draw a car and I decided to be different and drew and old-fashioned car. I was surprised that I got a 100 on that assignment, but I did and was really happy! Oh I actually did that painting two days ago. I went to a friend's birthday party. It was at a place called Painting With a Twist. You follow a instructor, but at the same time you make your own little additions. Mine was complimented on a lot cause I was the only one that included the cloud reflection and the grass in the front. :)

      That's pretty neat. I love 'Looney Tunes'. I remember when I was younger they showed the old ones and I loved them. I have two twin brothers, and it's a shame because they don't even know who Bugs Bunny is, or 'Looney Tunes' itself. When I see them watch cartoons, they never show them....all it is now for cartoons is a bunch of garbage......
      That would have been neat to see some cartoons with Ginger. I also believe she enjoyed them too. I wish they would still show cartoons before the main feature. Now it's just boring ads you don't want to sit sit through.

      Hopefully you had a great day! Back to the regular routine of school tomorrow. Hopefully it goes great.
      KIG!!! :)

    2. Very "Anime" your style. I can see the video game influences :) Computer programs these days aren't much math but LOTS of details, details, details. If you can handle that, you can handle computer animation. Plus, there is always the old fashioned way with millions of drawings like the Disney animators used to do... still details, details, details! If you get an opportunity to talk to an animator, do it! Everyone likes talking about what they do, especially to young people. They can tell you all about getting into animation. Ask your art teacher, they might know someone or know someone who knows someone you can chat with.

      I'm not surprised that your painting got a lot of compliments. I'm sure it stood out from the others. Sounds like a fun party idea too.

      It is too bad about cartoons today. I used to live to see Looney Tunes on tv. They were written so well that kids and adults liked them. Now it seems all the cartoons are just trying to sell the toy or video game version of themselves. I agree about the movie commercials :/ It would be much better if they brought the cartoons back :)

      Good luck with school. KIG!

    3. Ya I can deal with a lot of detail. In my drawings I usually like a lot of detail. For example on a class assignment where you drawing pictures, it takes me FOREVER because I like my drawings to be done nice with detail. Do they even still make animation the old fashioned way??? All I hear about is computer animation for cartoons or whatever.

      I really agree with you on the cartoons. Even in the later years they still made cartoons that both kids and adults can join. What my brothers watch seems like you need to be high on something. The only good cartoon from now would be spongebob, but even that's not being funny lately. I don't think any cartoon now will beat the old ones. Another older cartoon that was my favorite was Tom and Jerry. That used to crack me up so much!!! :)

      Have a great evening, and KIG too!

    4. ...it IS pretty neat that the most recent 'GEICO commercial has Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote in it...I really laughed out loud the first time I saw it... when the 'gecko' says..."what a strange place..." So, maybe there's still hope... yes, Spongebob is a throwback to Looney Tune-style animation...but the last few seasons are becoming a bit more 'weird'...relatively speaking, of course...

      KIG, y'all!!!


    5. Oh yeah, I've seen that Geico commercial, it was pretty cool. I also remember seeing an progressive commercial with the character Sonic The Hedgehog, I thought that was neat.
      Yep, to me Spongebob seems to becoming less funny and more of a spaz show. I remember when I was younger and saw the first season that came out back in 1999. I thought it was one of the best shows back then lol!
      Have a great Sunday!