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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ginger Pics


  1. ...more incredible stuff!!!
    Love tham all, natch, but my fave two are the first one...wowzers... and, the one with the furry deal all around her head... reminds me of the cover of a somewhat obscure album by a dude named Matthew Sweet - entitled 'Girlfriend'...it has an old pic of Tuesday Weld in a similar garb...always wanted to see Ginger in something like that, and...there ya go!
    As for a lot of the other pics, there's some that are 'other parts' of known sequences, such as the one where she is on the concrete wall with the cat...have one or two like that, but haven't seen one with a dawg in it as well - the best one of the bunch!

    Well, hope ya have a great 4th, Arianna....and, thanks once again for the gift...incredible! (I'll have more on that later...:-] )


  2. Glad you liked the pics, not that much this time cause there wasn't that many. But I'm starting to get more and just in a few days I already have a few pics. So the next batch of Ginger pics will be a lot more.

    Hope you have a awesome 4th of July, and glad you like my drawing! Can't wait to see it featured on Gingerology. :)