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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Letter

This is the letter from that guy who threatened Ginger to give him the money. She explains it in her autobiography in more detail. But assuming from the opening of the letter this was the third time he lettered her. Pretty scary, and worse since he mentioned to kill her. Who would've killed Ginger?! Only a weirdo would. At least she got it taken care of with the FBI and all that. :)
Wonder what ever happened to Mr. Berton???????? 


  1. well, of course, this totally freaks me out, and is totally incomprehensible to me for someone to threaten ANYONE, but...Ginger? Really? ...it was fortunate that this loon actually put his address on these...I mean, how goofy is it to threaten someone and tell them where you are? Good thing in this case...

    I figure they locked him up for awhile...he might have ended up in an asylum for the remainder of his days...

    well...have a great weekend, GF11!!! Hope summer is rocking so far!

    ...and KIG, of course!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Pretty interesting! :)

  3. Jwalker: I know right?! Reading this really freaks me out. The only good thing is the idiot left his address, but still, would've the outcome been different if he didn't??? Pretty scary.

    Molly: You're welcome! I thought it was interesting myself and scary! :)