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Friday, June 1, 2012

A discovery!

Just figured out by looking very closely that this book that Ginger is reading ----------->

                         Is this book --------------->

The book from what I've read quickly is about a Russian dancer named Vaslav Nijinsky. The book must be from his wife's perspective, as you can see by the cover. It seems that Ginger must of been a fan of him. Pretty interesting. :)


  1. ...see, THIS is cool...stuff that she actually got into...of course, that EXACT copy she has would be priceless, but... ANY copy which would match the one she has would do...
    I've always wondered where stuff in the movies go...like Ginger's garter in 'UpperWorld, for example (awesome example, BTW..) - I mean, wouldn't ya think SOMEBODY snatched that up and kept it? Alas, 99% of all those 'props' are long gone... oh well...

    KIG, GF!!!!

  2. Who knows where the actual original she owned went, but it would be pretty pricey. The book was on ebay, and the price was I think $100, so her copy would be more. Although it would be nice to own it. :)
    I always think of where props from movies go. I always think that somebody tried snatching something, but unfortunately most likely they're thrown away...
    Have a gingery weekend!!!

  3. Thanks, GF11...back form tha beach...pretty nice weather, a bit windy, tho... but overall pretty nice.

    I think Roberta would have the 'info' regarding Ginger's 'estate'...I mean as far as any items which are out there... man, I need to get in touch with her somehow... maybe soon... would love to just ask some questions....

    Hope your summer is going well so far, Arianna!!!