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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ginger Pics!


  1. well, as usual, incredible stuff! Haven't seen NARY a one of these before... but, the one that caught MY fancy was the one where she is entering the studio the day after Kitty wins, and everyone's in top hats... after she talked about that in her book, I thought, SOMEBODY had to get a pic of that, right? And, there ya go! I'd REALLY like a big one of those hangin on my wall...I'm not that far from just going berzerk getting GingerPics to put up...thus far, I only have the one with her and the split paintbrushes (BTW, haven't seen that particular one of that 'shoot' you have here...awesome again!) - but I really want to hang some more pics...
    Well, as for my 'new endeavor', having a blog for each film, THIS is a reason why...of course, each blog will have an extensive 'pic' section... and I can spot most of these from certain movies... so, that should be a pretty cool feature... of course, with the awesome 'footwork' performed by GF11, how could it be anything less than awesome? :-)

    ...thanks again for the great pics!!!



  2. Hi GingerFan11,

    Those are really killer pictures! A lot of those I hadn't seen before. Thank you for posting!


  3. Jwalker: I have always wanted a pic from when she arrived and they congratulated her on winning. I knew too that someone must have taken a pic, and what do ya know, someone DID! In my bedroom I have some pictures of Ginger hanging along with other classic stars and movie posters. But I can't put anymore cause there's no more room!!! >:(
    I saw that on your blog, I think it's great! Just let me know if you need any help, and you can certainly use all the ginger pics from this blog if you want.

    Molly:You are welcome!!! The main reason I had set up this blog was to share Ginger pictures really. I wanted to share them to people, and they are free to take them if they want. :)
    Spread the gingeryness!!!!!!!!

  4. Gingerfan11: "The main reason I had set up this blog was to share Ginger pictures really."
    Really! That's why I started mine too! :)
    Got your note on YT. I only made the link this morning myself! ;)

    Keep it Ginger Up!

  5. That's cool.
    On YT keep those movies and rare clips coming!!! We need more of those, and it's nice to see rare footage you've never seen before. :)
    Although in the summer I'll be starting posts on my Ginger collection. Probably won't do movies, but for example, I'll have her autobiography(that's autographed! :D) and other neat things I own. It should be interesting.

  6. Great pics! Thanks for posting!