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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ginger Rogers and Bob Hope

Hahaha, I loved these different skits of Ginger and Bob. Especially the one with the matadors. : )


  1. Cool stuff, GF!!! I haven't sat down and watched all of this yet - dang, it's hard to find 15 minutes here and there - but one day I will... I wish ginger did more TV... she was in a fair amount of stuff, but it would have been cool if she became a 'permanent character' on a show...well, a GOOD show...

    Hope all is well out there in Tejas!!! Hey, you should be wrapping up school, right? hope all of that is finishing up well for ya...I know it is!



  2. It's really funny, hopefully you can see the whole thing sometime.
    Yes I too wish there was more Ginger on tv. More videos on different shows are on youtube, but it is not enough. That would've been cool if maybe she hosted her own show.
    Everything is going fine over here! School ends at the end of this month. The only obstacle is finals(bleh). But almost there to SUMMER!!!! :D