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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ginger Rogers gifs from Tumblr...


You do have to admit, these are amazing!!!


  1. ...how awesome are THOSE? yeah, I'll nab those from ya, thankyouverymuch!!! From the 'Used to be You' routine with Oakie, right? that is SO cool...one of my fave early GingerClips...

    Hope school is wrapping up for ya, Arianna!!!



  2. You can go right ahead!
    Ya it is from the 'Used to be You" routine. I enjoy watching it it, and when I saw this I thought they were amazing!!!! The last time I saw these they already had 1,030 likes and favorites. So these gifs are pretty popular.
    The next wave of Ginger pics should be arriving soon. All of the newest ones are starting to pile up, and that means post time. I'll probably post them this weekend.
    Btw, school is almost done in 2 weeks!!! I CANNOT wait any longer.
    Have a GINGERY weekend!