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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RIP Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers passed away 17 years ago on this day. She was an amazing actress, singer, dancer, and comedienne. Ginger has brought us so many great movies to watch, and especially the ones with Fred Astaire. It's amazing how we can still watch them today, and younger people can see these fantastic films. Ginger won her academy award for best actress playing in the film Kitty Foyle in 1941. She did an awesome job in that film and deserved it. She was also a skilled tennis player and an talented artist. Fellow Ginger fans will not only remember her as Fred's partner, but someone amazing. :)

Here I'll share The Carioca which was Ginger and Fred's first dance together in Flying Down to Rio:

Heaven, I'm in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak. And I seem to find the happiness I seek. When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek.

*One of my favorite songs!!!! 


  1. Ginger Rogers was one classy lady. Beautiful and talented. So happy we have her movies to enjoy for years to come. I know she's dancing for the angels in heaven. RIP.

  2. Nice tribute, GF!!! I need to learn more about the 'video loop' stuff... I really want to add to G-ology with 'archives'...
    Well, hope ya watched a Ginger movie...I didn't get to, although my WB Archive copy of 'Romance in Manhattan' arrived - pretty fitting... and yes, I already ahve a copy of that one...but I just feel like we need to support GingerFilm releases as much as possible...

    KIG, Arianna!!!


  3. Thanks!
    I did watch a movie. Not on the actual day because I didn't have time, so I watched one yesterday. The film was The Gay Divorcee, and I also watched the episode from The Lucy show with Ginger Rogers. That episode always makes me laugh. :)
    I still need to get those other films that came out awhile back(Chance at heaven, upperworld, primrose path, etc.) and including this one. I already have the vhs, but I feel the same way. We need to buy more dvds so they can get more Ginger films out!