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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ginger Pics!


  1. incredible, as usual...HEY! I've got one for Thanksgiving now! WHERE is THAT one from? I swear, I can't even begin to pick out my faves from this batch... well, the third from last, where she is looking over her right shoulder...that one will be pretty dang hard to beat... and the one above that - cool! a 'non-sad' shot from the 'painting' shoot... I just wonder if 'whole sets' of shoots are available...dang it it would seem like they would be... for quite a few $$$, tho... blah. Well, ya gotta get yer priorities straight, right? :-)

    KIG, Arianna - stupendous job here!!!!


  2. Ooo I love these! Do you mind if I post some on the Ginger page? I can put the link to your blog in the description.


  3. Jwalker: Ya that could be a new pic for Thanksgiving, but I have no idea where it came from. I saw it on ebay, but there was really no description. The time period seems late 40's during her filming of Magnificent Doll, but I could be wrong. And yes there were a lot of pics here that were my favorite and seem hard to pick which ones. They're all cool. :)

    Anna: Sure you can post some of the pics and put the link to my blog, that would be great!