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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vote for Ginger!!! The poll is over and......

Ginger Rogers has won the Favorite Classic Actress of 2012!!! If anyone voted, than THANKS! Awesome to see her win the title as champion and have the crown!


  1. ...that's such a cool pic... Tod sent me a copy of it as well.

    ...well, Victory is Miss Rogers' to savor!!!

    It's really cool to know there are quite a few Gingerologists out there, oh, excuse me, ONE Gingerologist that has figured out how to stuff the ballot box...sheesh...

    ...in a related 'vein', not sure if you've seen my 'proposal' over at MM blog... I think we kinda talked about it - or maybe it was Kat - I can't remember...ANYWAY, the general idea is to 'retire' Ginger from next year's tournament... mainly to keep the 'anti-Gingers' from wailing...hey, I think we've made our presence felt, right?

    Hey, the MoviesUnlimited poll is also starting to get interesting for Ginger...about 15 or so behind Barbara Stanwyck for fourth!

    Well, great work, Arianna - KIG!


  2. I thought it was a cool pic too, and hey the next wave of Ginger pics are coming soon!

    It was quite surprising that Ginger won. I guess us promoting and then people are voting, but I wonder who was that one that made Ginger's votes go high up. If there was any cheating, but I believe it was just all the Ginger fans combined. Who knows. And I agree with you about Ginger retiring. Glad she won this year, but I don't want to have to deal with anything next year by some other "anonymous" person complaining.

    I started looking at the MoviesUnlimited poll, and now Ginger is in fourth place behind Audrey Hepburn. Now I don't know if she can pass her since Audrey is very popular, but you never know. :)

  3. ...the 'MoviesUnlimited' poll is really getting a 'Gingery Bump' on it... yeah, I figure fourth place is probably the max, ALTHO... she is only about 15 votes or so from overtaking Audrey! Would be nice to see ginger just below Kate and Bette, who are obviously the 'top two' of all time... well, in SOME circles, anyway... :-]

    Be sorting out those pics... I'll go buy more memory cards! :-)

    KIG, Arianna!!!