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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vote for Ginger!!! 5 CHAMPIONSHIP

Now it's time for the grand finale! Last poll Ginger defeated Grace Kelly with no sweat. And for this poll it's Ginger vs. Natalie Wood. Whoever wins this is the CHAMPION! W have to have our Ginger win, soooooo go on over to http://poohtiger-allgoodthings.blogspot.com/ and







  1. Done, of course!

    Well, I left a comment over there, and I saw where the next one had to be 'removed by the admin'... guess the 'HueyHater' is still lurking about...

    Oh, well - looks like Ginger is crusing...BUT, Natalie surged back from a fair deficit in the last round, so we can't be too careful! Hopefully everyone is aware of the Finale!

    Well, Have a great Easter, GF11 - don't eat too much candy! :-)



  2. Really? It is probably that person who did that. Still probably sore at the whole Ginger vs. Irene poll...

    Hopefully Ginger does win the title for champion! I noticed that Judy was winning and then at the last few hours Natalie just went back up and past her. So gotta keep an I out on her.

    Have a great Easter too! I already got my gifts, and there is a lot of candy, will try not to eat it all at once! :)