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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Check out this artsy thing I did of Ginger:

Also Ginger's Corner has 55 followers on Twitter, WOO-HOO!!! 
Thanks guys. :D


  1. Nice stuff, GF!!! I need to do some stuff like sketching...loved to 'back in the day', but...just can't really find the time...

    Is this on paper, or something else? The 'background' kinda looks metallic... nice work!

    ...still working on stuff...yeah yeah... these things take TIME... see the first statement above again...

    KIG, GF!!! Waiting for the b'day cake post!!! :-)


    1. It's on paper, I just painted it black. The words are in silver sharpie, and I included white paint splatter too. I had colored Ginger blue on the computer and printed it out. Glad you like it!

      Yes yes, I will get to the bday post, mom went to go get it, so I will soon be able to see it! :)

      Have a great day!