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Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Birthday!

Well, today was my birthday, and I kept the tradition of having a Ginger Rogers cake!

Although it got some cracks in it :/, but hey it's still Gingery right?
I had a awesome weekend. Yesterday my friends held a surprise party. We went to a place to play some games and lazer tag and, videogames. I also got some awesome great gifts too. 
I say it was a great birthday!
Hope everyone Keeps It Gingery!!! :D


  1. Happy Birthday, Arianna!!! As usual, a stupendous cake...love it!!!

    Well, sorry I didn't get Roberta out yet...dang it... well, it's pending...VERY close to having time for it...anyway, hope you had a great one, and received mondo stuff... you're at the age where $$$ is the best present - but I'm sure ya got plenty of cool stuff as well!

    KIG, GF!


  2. Hi Gingerfan11,

    Love the cake! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Happy belated Birthday!


  3. Great cake. I hope it was as good to eat as to look at and that your birthday was a good one.... lots of presents! haha. Good luck with school too! KIG!