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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire memorial!?

This is interesting. There is a Astaire-Rogers page on twitter and Facebook. One of the tweets on the twitter page is this:

How amazing would this be!? I would love to have a memorial built for them. I even went on fb to like their page. Unfortunately there has been nothing since February 2012, so I don't know. Even the website they advertise has nothing on it. But I think it would be awesome to have something honoring them. Don't you think?
Here's the twitter and Facebook pages:

Sooooo, if you have a fb or twitter account like or follow them! Maybe eventually they will get to it.
This week I'll try to get the next part of my Ginger collection. Started back to school today, so I don't know if I'll have time. We'll see! :)
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  1. ...count me in...well, if i ever get a dad-burned FB account, that is...

    I am hoping to get some 'new features' to G-ology in the coming weeks, with FB, Twitter most likely being amongst them...

    Hope you are 'transitioning' back into school well... our daughter got a bit too 'comfortable' on vacation... but she is getting back in the swing...

    KIG, GF!