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Monday, January 14, 2013

I've Got To Sing A Torch Song recording

Yes I behold you the deleted song from Gold Diggers of 1933

Now to most Ginger fans, this is old news. Really you can buy the song off of amazon like what I did a couple years ago. BUT I am posting this cause finally someone posted it on youtube. I've always wanted to share it, it's a great tune. Unfortunately, the actual scene Ginger sang this in was deleted from the final. And somehow we have the tune saved to at least hear it.
 So any new Ginger fans becoming a Gingerologist might want to check it out!

*Also it may be awhile till the next Ginger pics post. Lately there have not to many pics found or none at times. At first I was like "Oh no! What am I going to do!" But I eventually got more. Still not enough to post yet, so be patient my friends...........


  1. ...great to know this one is on YT! you well know the feelings I have regarding the deletion of this tune from the movie, and it reflects a good bit in its overall 'ranking' in reviews... at least We're In The Money, right? ...well, the song, not...REAL money... not with the new taxes they've laid on me for 2013...oof.

    I will sooner or later add this vid into the Gold diggers blogspot (stuff like this is the BIG idea behind all of those, and ONE day I will get them in proper order...hopefully pretty soon!

    Hope all is well for you, GF!!!


    1. Yes I do know your feelings about it being removed. I think if that was in the film still, Gold Diggers would be a bit more gingery. But hey, at least we got the We're In The Money song.

      Can't wait till you get the mini film blogs going more.

      Have a great evening!