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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ginger Rogers collection # 7

Well, I have not done this series in a LONG time. I think the last time it said was February-ouch. I've saved this one for the magazines, and since I don't have a working scanner, I can't scan these. So I took pictures as best as I could.
Let's get on to see the magazine collection I have!

 I wish I can find that original pic of Ginger that's on the cover. That would be neat! 

Now this one doesn't have a pic of Ginger on the cover, but there's an article inside. Probably most of you have seen the article on Google images, but I took pictures of it anyways. Also, the pics may be blurry, so you might have to make it bigger to fully read if you want.

So there you have it! So far those are the magazines I have. I know I probably don't have much as others. But still, at least I have some right? I think my favorite is the one from Turkey. There were some pics in there that I had never seen when I first got it! I'm saving the Life Magazines for another time. I just wanted to get the small ones out of the way first. Also the books are next for part 8, so stay tuned!
If you just saw this, here are the links to the other parts:

Until next time, KEEP IT GINGERY!!! :D


  1. Nice! HEY...where did the '95 LIFE yearbook come from? I'd dig that one... I DO have the People mag... my ma took that magazine for awhile, and for some reason, she kept those...guess she knew I was 'pre-destined' to be a Gingerologist!

    I REALLY need to purchase a scanner - printer myself... my DELL is so old, I can't get drivers for it, and it doesn't really hook up well with other brands anyway (i.e., it's proprietary). I want one that can scan a LIFE page in toto... not shrink it or whatever...

    I have a couple of those old Family Circle mags, but can't remember which...again, inventory needs to happen...

    KIG, GF!!!


    1. An old friend of my dad gave that to me. I don't know where he got it from though. I think it's cool too! It has one page dedicated to her, so that's neat. Haha lol, she could tell the future!

      Yeah we need a new scanner too. Ours is not old, it's just broken. But I know, I want one to scan the Life magazines too. I need to take pics of it for next time or whatever, but I would like to get the inside pages of those too, it's just it would be blurry taking a pic of that.

      I think when you have TONS of time, you should post your Ginger Rogers memorabilia. I still have more to go through, but that would be neat to check out your collection!


  2. That's one dang magazine collection GF11!

    Keep it up.. and Gingery!