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Thursday, April 25, 2013

RIP Ginger Rogers

So today we come to the 18th anniversary of when Ginger passed away. 
It's great that these last few years Ginger has gained more recognition of what I've seen. And it's great us Ginger fans and Gingerologists have come together to continue her legacy. Unfortunately I never got to have the chance of being alive when she was(missed the chance by a few months!). But thanks to technology, we can all view the great films she did, and much more. It's a school night, so I can't watch a film, but this weekend I'll be sure to watch a Ginger film in honor of her. Hey at least today I'm wearing my Ginger Rogers necklace and t-shirt, that counts right? 
We remember Ginger as a great actress, and what Nigel Lythgoe said in the TCM special, "A real showbiz quadruple threat".

Also I'll share a few findings I've found while searching for Ginger pics. Speaking of Ginger pics, I'm going to  post some this weekend. I think I have a lot, and it's way due now. ;)

Early poster of Bachelor Mother when it was called Little Mother.

Follow The Fleet thimble

Someone on Tumblr uploaded this. It seems to be a drawing design for the outfit Ginger wears in that one Love Boat episode.

How cool would it be to open your ice cream and find this on there!? Now if only Blue Bell could do this....one can only dream....... Maybe I need to drive over to their headquarters. It's really only an hour from  where I live..........

Ginger featured on a box for matches 

A banner of Ginger, seriously! This would be one amazing banner.

Now don't get me wrong, this is pretty cool. Not sure if it's legitimate though. The pricing was pretty expensive, so it could be real. Who knows. Still awesome!

So once again, keep it gingery today especially for Ginger! 


  1. A very nice collection :) Give us a full report if you make it to the ice cream factory! I doubt the license plate is actually Ginger's but it is a cool idea. I'll keep my eyes open for your next batch of pictures.


    1. Ha even if I did, it would be hard to make them do that.
      Ya, either way if the license plate was actually Ginger's or not, it's still really awesome. Although how expensive it was makes me wonder if it actually was legitimate.

      KIG too!

  2. ...a neat way to recall how Ginger's star was quite big in her heyday... and that these items among many others are still around for us to study... it's just cool to have anything like this...I have a few of the ice cream lids, for example...

    Heh heh...the 'Little Mother' synopsis is really off from the actual movie...this makes it sound like a melodrama!

    ...as to the license plate...there's something Hu would fight for...although, it's interesting that it has '97 on it...of course, she left us in '96, and if she renewed her tag in Feb '96, then...it would hvae been good to Feb '97... AAANNNDD, let's face it, there aren't a heap of folks in Oregon, so...that thing could well be the real deal! I guess you could always check with the Oregon Dept of Motor Vehicles to see if she was registered for this tag... anyway, all that to say...that baby is awesome if real, and, honestly, even if it isn't... I've thought for awhile to get a 'vanity' plate with 'VKMFAN' on it... if it occurs, I'll post about it, for sure... I've also wanted to 'create' some stickers with VKM on them - the 'white oval' type which are usually from a vacation spot, and more recently the '13.1' or '26.2' marathon type... again, if I get some of those (you can get a company to crank out a 'set number'). y'all will be the first to know...

    KIG, GF!!! Hope yer tests wrapped up well this week!


    1. I think you meant in '95 she left us. Just correcting that!

      That would be something to look up. I'm not exactly sure if it's the real deal, but then you never know.
      Haha knowing you, you would do something like that! I would like to create stickers of the Gingerfan11. How about all of the well known Gingerologists? That would be neat.

    2. And btw my tests wrapped up good! The only one I'm worried about is the math, I hope I passed that one!!!