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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Favorite Ginger Rogers Comedy Poll results!

Well, I'm a day late reporting on this. But the winner is The Major and the Minor! I agree with that completely! It is a funny and wonderful film. For those who have not seen it, here's a trailer of it.
Also here's info about the film too:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035019/?ref_=sr_1
Vivacious Lady came in 2nd and Bachelor Mother came in 3rd! I say it was a great poll, and it went well for being the first one I've ever done!
Here were the scores:
The Major and the Minor-8 votes
Monkey Business-3
Bachelor Mother-4
Vivacious Lady-7
Tom, Dick, and Harry-1

So thanks for voting everyone! Sorry I didn't get to this sooner, was very busy. Had to work in my friends film project-a horror film. I hope these last couple of days went well for you guys. I might make a Ginger Rogers collection post next weekend or Ginger Pics. I guess it depends. Although this week will be busy for me, there's some state tests I have to take. Very important since I must pass them!

Finally, probably most of you have heard about the news recently. With the Boston Marathon, and then the Texas Plant explosion. Please keep those people in your thoughts!
Once again, thanks for voting!!! :)


  1. ...well, I voted for Bachelor Ma... they are all favs, tho...

    hope your tests go well! Ginge can wait... she's always here! :-)



    1. Yes all the films are amazing! If I had to vote, it would have been really hard for me lol!
      Hopefully they will go well. The tests are called TAKS. I took the English one over a month ago, and this week is Math, Science, and Social Studies. The one I'm worried about the most is the math one. Math is my worst subject, and I hope this all goes smooth.


  2. Hello! I just stumbled upon your Ginger Rogers blog! Unfortunately I don't have a blogger account. :/ This blog is very awesome! I love Ginger too, and what a great contribution to her. I'm kind of sad I missed out on the poll. I would've have picked Bachelor Mother. It's such a cute film. Actually every single one there was amazing! Keep up the awesome work on here.

    1. Aw thank you so much! Glad to see someone else as another Ginger Rogers fan. Yes Bachelor Mother is a great film.
      Don't worry, maybe another poll I'll have in the future you'll be able to participate in it!!! :)

  3. ...and start a Ginger blog!!! and don't be so anonymous!! :-)

    ...seriously, please mosey on over to Gingerology as well - jwhueyblogspot.com - for all things Ginger! Well, of course, GF here does an outstanding job as well, digging up GingerPics heretofore NEVER seen!!! Her array of pics is staggering here... be sure to browse her archives for heaps of Gingery Goodness!

    and with that, a friendly reminder to...

    Keep It Gingery!!! KIG