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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ginger Rogers Favorite Comedy Poll

So this is the very FIRST time I am doing a Poll on here. I feel that now I have a bigger fan base with the Twitter and Facebook page, it was poll time. I've decided for the very first poll to just stick with simple. Also I got suggestions from two others to help out.
So I ask what is you favorite Ginger Rogers comedy? 
Now this is actually a very tough decision for me, and probably for you if you've seen most of the entries.
Here are our films:

The Major and the Minor

Carefree(Yes I know it's a musical, but it has some funny scenes)

Monkey Business

Bachelor Mother

Vivacious Lady 

Tom, Dick, and Harry

So there you go, our entries for this poll. I included a link to the IMDB for a description and other stuff. I guess if people want to see them.
Now go vote for which one!



  1. poll tie!!! nice choices...altho I really think for me, Roxie is hard to beat, comedy-wise! I won;t reveal my vote on here until after the fact (like my opinion means anything) - but hope ya get gobs of votes here!!!

    Have a great weekend, GF!!!



    1. Yes Roxie Hart is a good one, and it's one of my favorites. But when I think of it, to me it's not true comedy(if that kinda makes sense?).
      It seems as of now The Major and the Minor is in first place, but by the time it's over-that might change!

      Glad you voted!
      And have a great weekend too, plus KIG.

  2. Vivacious Lady, hands down! The girl fight is so awesomely funny, it trumps all other comedic moments in the other movies, lol!

  3. Tough choice Gf11! Turns out I'm very average! ;)
    Good choice of poll too! Keep them coming!


  4. Looks like you have a dead-heat with one day to go! You picked an exciting subject for your first poll.