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Sunday, March 17, 2013

We have a FANCY Ginger: My Story book going on here

I really like that gold touch on the outside to the pages.

Even the text is fancy!

BTW Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)


  1. ...this is an edition I haven't seen! But of course would kill to have... wonder what the asking price is? I'd peruse eBay, but I've just now paid off the Visa from the last round of GingerBingeBuying... well over a year sgo! oof!

    Hope all is well, GF! Hey this is Spring break week for you, correct? My daughter is out this week... funny there's a small chance of snow flurries in the morning here... spring has not yet sprung...well heck, a lot of stuff here HAS...so should be an interesting spring...hopefully not TOO interesting, as in tornadic activity...

    KIG, GF!


    1. I remember when I saw it on Ebay it was like $120 or something like that....so way too expensive.
      No sadly, :( I was on Spring Break last week. Yeah hopefully this spring doesn't have anything crazy weather!


    2. I was in a drive-thru picking up lunch today and saw a few snowflakes floating around...pretty freaky for late March in South Gingerville!

      $120? hmmmmm... wonder if they will set up a payment plan... :-)

      KIG - Hu