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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ginger Spanish Magazine

Hey this magazine I saw on Ebay looks pretty interesting, it's actually from 1980. The seller only posted a few pages for preview. Unfortunately it's in spanish, so I don't understand most of it. There are probably a few words here and there, but I enjoy the pics the best. Most of the pics in here I have seen, but there are a small handful that are quite new to me.
Let's take a look at it!
EDIT:(3/13/13) Found this blog today, looks like they have a voting deal going on, and Ginger is in it! At this time Ginger and Audrey Hepburn are tied. So if you have time, go on and vote! :) 


  1. ...that's a pretty thorough overview of Ginger's career, Spanish or no! OK, the 'camera over the bed' had to be Tom, Dick and Harry, right? Dang, tie that camera up tight. y'all... don;t want anything falling on our girl!

    Thanks for the greatness, GF!


    1. Yeah but I don't think it's everything, the seller put these up for preview. But even then it's still awesome!

      That pic is from Tom, Dick, and Harry, and yes we want the camera tight to not fall on her!

      KIG too. :)