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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ginger Pics!

Also have a great Easter weekend! :)


  1. ...of course, the pics are great, as usual, but...this batch seems to be even MORE so!

    the very first one is an awesome colorization job... of one I've never seen!

    ...also, it's awesome how some 'alternate takes' from familiar 'shoots' occur here, most notably the one between the pic with a bunch of dudes at a banquet or something and the Honey Hale pic... it appears to be from the Tom, Dick and Harry shoot according to the dress and the 'brunette' hair with the big 'flip-top', right? Dang, I LUVLUVLUV that look she has there...WHY hasn't this one showed up sooner? The best one of that shoot I've seen!

    Also, the one a few down of her in the 'beret'... from FTF, right? again, the best I've seen from that particular shoot...

    AAAANNNDDD, there's just really nothing I can say about the very LAST pic...that wouldn't get me into gobs of trouble, so...let's just say... where does the bidding start for that one? :-pppp

    Thanks again for the awesomeness, GF! Hope you and yours have a great Easter!!!


  2. Yes I agree, this group has to be one of the best! I thought the neat colorization on the first pic is really REALLY amazing. The pic is super clear.

    The pic is from Tom, Dick, and Harry, and it's really great. Haha well it FINALLY has shown up!

    Ah the FTF one. It is a awesome picture, but I actually found it with some other pics together. The image looked small so I was like "oh no!" cause if I cropped it, it would've came out small. But I cropped the image around that, and it actually became larger. I was happy as a Ginger pic collector. :)

    Oh yeah the last one. It's very beautiful and appealing. I even had it as the pic of the day once for Ginger's Corner FB and Twitter. I wonder if there are any more pics from that shoot?

    Hope you and yours have a great Easter too! :D