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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a awesome Thanksgiving! My favorite part of it is the food, I always can't wait to have some Thanksgiving dinner. Keep it gingery and stay safe!!! : )


  1. ...if there's a turkey Day pic of our girl, GF is destined to dig it up!!! Is this from a movie, or...just a 'promo pic? Probably the latter... a prettier pilgrim lady I've never seen, THATS for sure... :-)
    Honestly, I am surprised there IS one, as Thanksgiving was around back then, but...probably not quite as big a deal... well, it may be one of those 'steady' holidays which has never wavered as to its popularity... no real chance for profiting, save for the turkey folks, so...

    ANYWAY...great pic (as usual), and hope y'all have an awesome Thanksgiving, Arianna!!!


    1. Haha actually I found this pic a few months back, and I knew I had it so I went to one of my old Ginger pics folders and searched for it. It was actually hard for me to find it, so I kept looking in different folders. FINALLY I found it lol. I think it's a just a promo pic. I know it's not from a movie. The only film it would be close to would be Magnificent Doll, but even then there weren't pilgrim clothes.

      Ya I'm surprised to there is one of her, now if only there were some Christmas pics. The only one I know is the pic with all the Santas and her. Hmmm, maybe a new Christmas pic will come up.

      Had a great Thanksgiving! Hope yours was awesome as well.