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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catalina Swim Suits

I just realized that the swimming suit on the left pic is the same as the one on the right, just different pose. I thought it was kinda interesting. 

I wonder if I'll run into the pic on the right in one of my Ginger pics "hunts". ;)


  1. Good eye, GF!!!

    I know if I saw Ginger in that suit, I would DEFINITELY run into something, like a tree, or telephone pole... it's QUITE the distraction, you know... :-)

    Hope 'back to school' isn't too bad for ya tomorrow, GF!!!

    And tell your Ma to post something on her site... I've been missing the SCD posts!!!

    KIG, GF!!!


    1. Haha of course you would! I actually like the design, it's pretty nice.

      Eh, school was okay, very tired. And actually got tons of homework, including 3 quizzes and a test in english all this week.....not fun...

      I told her you said so! She does need to. Usually she beats me on the number of posts, but now I beat her this time around on how many posts we have. ;)

      Have a great evening!

  2. well, everything is crammed in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so...hang on for a few more weeks...it's astounding to me that we're a day away from December! Just channel your 'inner Ginger' to fight thru the workload... you should see my wife's eyes roll when I use the phrase 'inner Ginger'...classic...


  3. Ha my mom does the same thing when I say something has a 'gingery' connection, which is a lot lol!