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Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Ginger pics!!! :D

*Btw, my birthday is in 2 weeks!!!!


  1. ...first off, a BIG Happy Birthday from VKMfanHuey and all the folks at Gingerology!!! Hope it is MONDO Gingery (somehow, I think it might be! :-D ) I have thought about trying to keep up with all of the birthdays of Gingerologists, but I am afraid I will miss one, so might be better to not risk it... hey, post pics of your cake again this year... last year's was great!!!

    And now... as for the GingerPix... it's just incredible...every time I get 'comfortable' thinking I have a good 'cache' of GingerPix, Ms. GF11 has to come along and drop in with a whole new batch of devastating Gingeryness!!! It's GREAT!!!! I REALLY need to figure out a way to sort and 'backup' all these awesome pics... my fave - hmmm.... the one right before 'Su-Su'..man, she is fetching in that one!! And, the one AFTER 'Su-Su'... Kitty at the file cabinet... like I could get ANYTHING done with her in the office!!! :-P

    Also, the first one is of course, near and dear, being a variation of G-ology's current 'logo'... haven't seen that particular one - cool!

    Thanks, GF11!!!

    KIG!!! (like I need to tell YOU that! :-} )


  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a goood one! Love the pics, too.

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    I love your picture in the head of your blog :)
    Love her face on the picture with Fred on Carefree :p
    What age are you going to be?

  4. Thanks Jwalker for the comments!!:D
    Btw thank you guys for the Happy bday wish!!

    Camille: Thank you on my header picture. :D
    Yes her face is is funny on that one too.
    Today is my birthday, and I am 15.