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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's my BIRTHDAY today!

It's my birthday today, and I'm really happy!:D As you can see, I have another Ginger cake like last year only it's a different picture. But it's awesome. And for presents, I got neat things, not everything was Gingery, but I liked all my stuff. Except my dad created a Ginger Rogers only scrapbook that I can decorate myself and add pictures and postcards of Ginger in them. It's really neat!! The only downside is lot's of studying, but oh well, might as well enjoy my bday!!


  1. That cake is super cute. Have a happy birthday!

  2. That's adorable!!! When I was little and really into Nancy Drew I had a cake like that except with a Nancy Drew photo. My BFF's bday was today, also, and my little brother's birthday was yesterday. Well, have fun with your presents, and Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had loads of fun :D And once again please let me say how unbelievably awesome that cake is! Haha XD

  4. Well, dang it! :-[

    Sorry I am so late with this, Arianna, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It goes without saying that the cake is incredible (again)...I just couldn't CUT it, tho! :-)
    Hope everything went great and you got a lot of cool and Gingery stuff! The 'scrapbook' idea is great! I bought a book about 6 months or so ago, but haven't DONE anything with it...yet. BUT, I have gobs of stuff that needs to be put in and organized... wish me luck on THAT!

    Well, hope school goes well - hang in there!

    and... KIG!

  5. Thanks everyone for the Bday wishes!!!! :D