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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ginger PICS


  1. Haha. Those are neat. I love the tennis photos!

  2. Who is more Beautiful than Ginger? NO ONE that's who! thanks for sharing I love all these Pictures <3

  3. Do you know where the second photo is from? I am trying to figure out if that is an Adrian dress. Thanks!

  4. PinkGinger and princesskay:You're Welcome!

    Lolita Haze: I believe the second picture is from Roberta. If that is what you were asking for. But hopefully it helped. :)

  5. ...dang it, you GOTTA live in a parallel universe or something...I know maybe three of these... incredible work once again, GF11!!!


    ...LOVE how she looks in the 'WATW' pic w/ Pidgeon... the gold wiry-necklace thingy....don't rememeber that one, but it's been a bit since I've watched that one...

    ...the tennis serve pic... pretty dang cool pic. She had to be pretty decent - notice how she is on her 'tip-toes'...

    Ginger as a bridesmaid... probably a refreshing change for her! She is so awesome looking there... dang.

    ...the GingerWall...that puppy is quite formidable, but...helps keep out the riff-raff... I hopefully will be able to check that out one day... it's quite a monument.

    and of course, the gold lamay 'Roberta' dress... Lolita Haze (awesome name, BTW...) It was designed by Bernard Newman... was her personal dress that made it into the film...of course, one of Huey's faves, as it is 'G-ology's 'header/avatar/logo' pic...
    (BTW... I know it's 'gold LAME', but if there isn't an 'accent mark' over the 'e', it's just...lame.) :-]

    Thanks again, GF11, and keep on keepin' it Gingery!!!


  6. Great pictures!
    I love pictures where Ginger doesn't pose, she's prettiest when it's natural than in the studio picture (but she beautiful in too :p)