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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I hope that Christmas went wonderful for you guys!!!


  1. Can't think of a better way to kick off the new year, GF11!!! As usual, incredible series of pics...many of which I haven't seen, or at least different 'poses' from a shoot... Thanks!!! I guess I need to figure out what 'babyjane' is...or on second thought, maybe not...I'm pretty broke at this point as is!!!

    The pic of her and Burgess Meridith playing the 'boxing machine' (which would probably be worth a nice bit of $$$ if you could find it today) is classic...ya know, taking Ginger to an 'arcade' place would be a total blast!!! Could you imaging her playing Wii? Well, of course, I can... that would be just insanely cool!!!

    Well, hope your new year goes well, GF!!! And your imminent return to school is an easy one!!! And THANKS again for the pics!!!



  2. Haha, thanks. It's unbelievable how many photos there are of Ginger!!! Speaking of Babyjane, I looked at their website and saw nothing of Ginger.

    I thought that pic with them was neat. It was on ebay before, but I don't remember what the price was. It would be nice if someone posted it again...

    I have a Wii, and I always imagined that Ginger would love playing it, especially the sport games!!!

    Have a great year too, and you're welcome!

  3. All of these are really awesome! :D Thanks for posting!