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Friday, September 11, 2009


Welcome to my blog! I have joined blogspot so I can share things about Ginger Rogers, or maybe other Classic Hollywood things. Besides Ginger Rogers, I love so many other people. But how I became a huge fan was all because of my mom. We were watching So You Think You Can Dance. And saw a couple dancing to swing music. My mom said to me that they reminded her of Fred and Ginger. Of course then I didn't know who any of them were, so I asked her. My mom told me Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were one of the greatest dancers back in the 30's. Then I questioned her if they made any films together. Luckily, my mom had some DVDs of their movies, and she gave them to me. Later that night, I decided to watch one of the films. The very first one I saw was Swing Time. Once I saw Ginger make her entrance, I became a huge fan. When they danced their first dance in the film,(Which is Pick Yourself Up) I saw Fred and Ginger dance for the first time. Throughout the whole movie, I was agape at Ginger's dresses. They were very pretty and cute. Then I stayed up longer and watched Shall We Dance. I thought that was a magnificent film as well. But I just loved her dresses in that film. After watching Top Hat and Follow the Fleet. I wanted to know more about this actress. Although then I didn't know what Ginger's name was, so I had to look at a DVD box. As I read about her, I became interested in Ginger Rogers. After that, I finished watching all the Fred and Ginger films, and started watching films of Ginger. I figured out she wrote an autobiography, so I made my mom buy it. Her book was fantastic after I finished it. Ginger; My Story has become one of my favorite books. Ginger Rogers is THE BEST!!!


  1. Hello,

    Can I just say this: "I figured out she wrote an autobiography, so I made my mom buy it." was very funny? :)


  2. Hi Lauren!

    Can't believe I haven't followed you yet! It's Theclassyginger from youtube. I decided to join blogspot. Kind of interesting!

  3. Great Story, GF11!
    It is SO cool to know the 'younger generation' is picking up on the magic of Ginger! AND, KILLER pictures you have below... only knew about the bottom one, and the quality of this one is just GREAT! Make it known that these are now securely 'saved as...' in my VKM Pix file!!!
    P.S. watch out for Lauren...she's a fiend!!!

  4. Well, GFan11, as you probably deduced it's beeje.

    "P.S. watch out for Lauren...she's a fiend!!!"
    That I am, that I am. Not at backgammon though. No, my game is cribbage. :)